Executive Committee

The official work of the BVNA is done through its Executive Committee, the members of which are elected annually by the BVNA membership.  The Executive Committee members and their roles are identified on this page. 

Trish Gillis is the current BVNA President, and can be contacted at president@bayvillage.net. Tom Perkins is the current BVNA Vice-President.  

The Executive Committee normally meets on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  In-person meetings have been suspended during the COVID-19 crisis:  all meetings are currently held on Zoom.  All neighbors are encouraged and welcome to attend EC meetings, whether on-line or in-person. 

All press inquiries should be sent to president@bayvillage.net.



The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the BVNA's financial records, paying for expenses, and corporate filings.  Scott Orzell is the Treasurer of the BVNA, and can be contacted at treasurer@bayvillage.net.


This Committee works on zoning and building issues that may affect the neighborhood. The Planning Committee can be contacted at planning@bayvillage.net.

The Planning Committee normally meets jointly with the Licensing Committee on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm via Zoom, at this time. If the first Monday is a holiday, the Planning Committee will meet the next Monday.  All neighbors are encouraged and welcome to attend. 


This Committee works on all licensing issues which may affect the neighborhood including service of alcohol, beer & wine and food.  The Licensing Committee can be contacted at licensing@bayvillage.net.

The  Licensing Committee normally meets jointly with the Planning Committee on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm via Zoom.  If the first Monday is a holiday, the Licensing Committee will meet the next Monday.  All neighbors are encouraged and welcome to attend. 

Public Safety

All residents should call 911 for any public safety emergency. 

The Public Safety committee works with the Boston Police Department, other city departments, the Suffolk County District Attorney, and private property owners to monitor and reduce crime in and around Bay Village.  The Public Safety Committee can be contacted at publicsafety@bayvillage.net

The Public Safety Committee meets with the police normally on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm via Zoom.  All neighbors are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Parks and Public Spaces

This Committee is responsible for enhancing the physical appearance of Bay Village. Some ongoing projects are: tree bed gardens, wine barrel planters, Bay Village Park (Charles Street South between Melrose and Fayette Street), Bay Village Garden (Church St. and Melrose St.) , Isabella Street Garden (Isabella Street and Columbus Avenue), and The Elliot Norton Park on Charles Street South.  For inquiries regarding Parks and Public Spaces, please contact parks@bayvillage.net

City Services/Traffic

BVNA’s City Services/Traffic committee acts as a watch dog on city parking and traffic policy that may affect Bay Village and helps facilitate delivery of municipal services such as street sweeping, trash collection, graffiti removal, tree-trimming, and sidewalk repair.  This Committee addresses issues ranging from residential parking spaces, tour bus parking, and traffic direction to larger matters such as proposals to place a highway on-ramp into Bay Village.  This committee also organizes the neighborhood clean-ups scheduled twice annually.   

The City Services/Traffic Committee can be contacted at cityservices@bayvillage.net.  Residents should dial 311 or use the 311 app on their phone to report concerns regarding most city services, and alert cityservices@bayvillage.net if they do not receive an appropriate response.


The Archivist maintains and adds to historical material about Bay Village and BVNA.  


The registrar maintains a list of BVNA members and collects their dues and contact information, including email addresses for use in meeting alerts.  For inquiries regarding membership, please contact membership@bayvillage.net

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO oversees the digital communication assets for BVNA and can be reached at cio@bayvillage.net.


The Social/Fundraising Committee plans social events for BVNA members and neighborhood residents including the holiday party in December, block party  in September and an annual fundraiser.  For inquiries regarding social events in Bay village, please contact social@bayvillage.net.


Minutes are prepared for all BVNA Executive Committee meetings and can be found here.

Community Relations

Our community relations chairs work to develop warm relationships with our community, business and government partners.

At-Large Executive Committee Members

At-large members of the Executive Committee serve to advise the BVNA on general matters.

Current Bay Village Neighborhood Association Executive Committee:

Steve Nolan


Trish Gillis

Licensing & Planning

Sarah Herlihy


Tom Perkins

Licensing & Planning

Katherine Nelson


Scott Orzell

Licensing & Planning

Ben Beck

Assistant Treasurer

Adam Reeve

Licensing & Planning

Craig Douglas

Parks/Public Spaces

Carol Carlson

Parks/Public Spaces

Aoife Austin



Parks/Public Spaces

Marie Nolan

Don Albanese


Bethany Patten


Aaron Beydon


Kim Kulasekaran


Gaye Bok


Jennifer Lashway


Judy Komarow


Sara Barakat

At-Large Steve Nolan


Daniel Krulewitch


James McCormick

City Services

Brian Boisvert


Steve Nolan

City Services

Allie Fitzgerald


Nan Rubin

City Services

Ian Johnson


Annie Short

ADCONancy Morrisroe


Robert Stinson


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